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Photo by @jodicobbphoto. For a book on the lives of the geisha, I spent six months over three years inside their private quarters, the first photographer given such access. The word geisha means artist. They are now considered guardians of the highest of Japanese cultural traditions, and they train their whole lives in the arts of music and dance. Throughout two centuries her job was to entertain at the parties that are the business functions of the richest and most powerful men of Japan. She provided conversation and flirtation, poured the sake and danced, providing fantasy and escape. But Japan is changing fast. Only a dwindling number of aging men can appreciate or afford what the geisha have trained so hard to achieve. This may be the last generation of true geisha. As I got to know the women behind the masks, I found that many of the older geisha had not entered that world by choice. At the heart of their stories was adversity or even tragedy — sold by destitute parents, abandoned by a husband, or born to a prostitute or another geisha. But through discipline and talent the geisha created a life of beauty. She made herself into the image of the perfect woman, a living work of art. That was the source of her pride and her survival. Jodi Cobb has always been an explorer. Before turning twelve she had circled the globe with her family; since then she has worked in more than sixty-five countries, using her camera to ask questions about the human condition in an increasingly interconnected world. Whether examining the beauty and cruelty of the Japanese geisha’s ancient traditions for her groundbreaking book "Geisha: the Life, the Voices, the Art"; exposing the tragedy of human trafficking for her 2003 National Geographic article "21st Century Slaves"; or exploring the hidden world of the women of Saudi Arabia, Cobb has searched for humanity in some of the world’s most complex, impenetrable environments. Cobb has been a staff and freelance photographer with National Geographic for more than three decades. Follow Jodi at @jodicobbphoto to see more of her beautiful work. This photograph is part of the @tooyoungtowed online auction. (Link in profile)source:

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