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Stay in line!! Races are coming down to 10,000 votes. Each and every one of you matters! #California! ALL western states. Stay in line. Make your vote heard! #GOTV
#Florida! It’s Election Eve, so please join me and my friends @Diddy and @andrewgillum for a #GOTV rally tonight: @famu_1887! Doors open at 8:30pm ET. Shout out to the awesome FAMU student leaders for their great work on this! 
#Florida! It’s Election Day TOMORROW, so please come out tonight and support @Diddy and @andrewgillum for a #GOTV rally at @famu_1887 :  Doors open at 8:30pm EST. Shout out to the awesome FAMU student leaders for their great work on th
This @betoorourke. This gives me hope. This lights a fire. This is what the future looks like. #AllPeople #Texas #GOTV
I had the pleasure of meeting Beto O’Rourke last year, in Chicago. I got to speak to him at length about hi
About to start pambio live on @maishamagiceast on gotv and dstv..... God is so good
It's Election Day in Omaha! Get out and vote! Mayors matter and Omaha can do better with @heathmello #GOTV #melloformayor
I'm on the morning show #arisetv. Tune in on Dstv channel 416, gotv channel 44. Or
Hey insta family, I will be live on TVC channel 27 on GOTV and TVC local from 1pm discussing the message of easter and I will also be performing to celebrate Christ the risen king... Kindly tune in guys.
#Repost @thistrevordavis with @repostapp
#VOTE in yer local election 2DAY! But if U r in LA, be like #RyanGosling & FIND your polling place at! 💪🏼 #VOTE #YESonH #NOonS #GOTV #LAvotes #RESIST #Persist #YouMa
Sijui oh Kate Ulienda wapi Well Ask No More Catch her and many other talented Actors On suenajonnie Premiers Today on maishamagiceast Gotv 4  at 330pm and 8pm cant Miss this...
orgRemember to watch as much ofthe major as possible for yourchance to get dropsWatch either GOTV in game or Twitchwith a steam connected twitch account RECENT DONATIONS053  oliqvick048  hennaheidi054  thewalkingcake079  evn12csgo counterstrike major ...
8 years ago tonight we were getting rocks thrown at us while getting out the vote for BarackObama at the University of Florida Props to everyone doing GOTV tonight ImWithHer...

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Normal, polite President Obama asks hecklers not curse in front of kids

Its hard to not get drunk on Obama nostalgia even for us cynics On Friday Presiden
Designer turned mid-century matchbook covers into gorgeous pro-voting memes

Filmmaker and designer Helen Stickler of Providence RI has repurposed vintage matchbook propagan
Martha Stewart's bedazzled 'VOTE' sandals are exactly what I plan to wear to the polls

This is One Good Thing a weekly column where we tell you about one of the few nice t

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