Discover the #HackSquat

🚨PROGRESS UPDATE: These shorts used to go down to my knees. But not with dem GAINZZZZZZZZ, son! 💪🏼🎊🎈
💡AT-HOME 🏡 #HackSquat solution usin
5 x HACKSQUAT!!! MUST TRY guys 🙌🏼🔥
• Good mornings 4set x 15reps
• Reversed wide squat 3set x 12-15reps
• Reversed wide squat with miniband 3set x 10-12reps
• One leg good mornings 3s
LOVE the post workout feeling!! These 👆👆 + hacksquat, hip abduction and glute kicks (machine) sum up my leg/gluteday. 🙏🙌 The gym is my happy place. Doesn't matter if I do a heavy lifting session
Reverse hacksquat 🙌 One of my favorite leg movements 🍑🔥 however it is an exercise I have to focus on that mind/muscle connection.. really focusing on contracting my glutes 👍 .
Also, helped @jeff
MUST TRY BOOTY burnouts 👅🍑🔥
Easy to get good contact in these 3 killers!!
• Kickbacks 4set x 10-12reps /leg
• One leg reversed hacksquat 4set x 15reps /leg
• Resistance band side kick 4s
3 MUST HAVE exercises in your session for hammies, #glutes🍑 & calves 🔥🙌🏼😍
Just sayi'n, hacksquat love!!! My hamstrings & booty was burning after these 🖐🏼
FULL leg session below 👇🏼🔥😼 Girlpower morning with @womensbest
1. Hacksquat SS walking lunges 6set x 20reps
2. Sumosquats smith machine 4set x 10reps
3. Miniband lunges 4set /leg x
It's #LegDay, snitches! Try this quad-quaking move at the prescribed tempo and duration below from MH fitness director @bjgaddour! #Repost
THE BEST QUADS EXERCISE YOU'RE NOT DOING! The #HackSquat from @matrixfitnessusa
Tuesday = Leg Day, what are you training today???? -
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Pro Hack Squat shipping out! 
#arsenalstrength #hacksquat

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