Discover the #Landmine

💰INSTANT EXERCISE UPGRADE: Mini-Band Landmine 1-Leg Hip-Hinges!
💥I’m using the dual renegade bar from @purmotion_official but any #Landmine setup can work holding one end of a barbell. A
💡I added the omega attachment from @purmotion_official to one end of the #barbell in the #landmine setup.
🤯At-home 🏠 or small space gym #StandingCalfRaises solution using the @purmotion_official wishbone attachment to any #barbell or landmine setup! ➖➖➖➖
#TeamHighCalves #TeamNoCalves #AskYourGymToBuyTh
🏝I love ❤️ this #landmine grappler’s hip toss for building rotary power. They key 🔑 is the pivoting feet & rotating hips with neutral spine (see my po
🤯Tag a swolemate who's rear delt needs to get delt with!
1. Landmine Reverse Fly
2. A-T-Y Raises on @CrossoverSymmetry
3. Chest-Su
🍑BOOTY BURNOUT for all you who are planning on BEASTIN' this weekend 🔥 all you need is a landmine (barbell with a ground attachment) and a platform! 🙋🏽‍♀️save this video for your ne
One of my favorite attachments on the @gronkfitness rack, the landmine. There’s so much you can do with the landmine, squats, lunges, shoulders, arms, core, back you name it. Which makes it a perfect choice for a home gym! Lots of exer
Photo: @juanarre (Juan Arredondo)

Claudia Joana Cruz (22) stepped on a landmine in 2013 while she was returning from a field trip on the countryside in Cauca. From that day she recalls: “I lost consciousness after the blast and they
Full Body Landmine Workout

1. 12 each side 
2. 12 each side 
3. 15 each side 
4. 8-12 each side 
3-5 rounds 
To see how to set up a Landmine check out my YouTube page! 
#alexiaclark #queenofworkouts #fitforareason #queenteam #worko
BOOYAKA BOOYAKA! LandMine Variation! Shoulder, Chest & Core Covered! (TAG A FRIEND) @uapparelworld Performance Vest | Tank 👉Link in my Bio👈WWW.UAPPARELWORLD.COM 
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CORE WORK! I don’t do core work that often but it is beneficial to your overall performance to have a strong core! I try to focus on keeping my core tight during my lifts. The Landmine 180 swings were enough to get me sweating! LOL as

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