Discover the #MKEXPLORE

shit just really ain’t been right. #MKEXPLORE
don’t fear the reaper. #MKEXPLORE
i wish i could just fly into this sunset on loop. #MKEXPLORE
what if? #MKEXPLORE
the harder we all try to be comfortable today; the more uncomfortable we are tomorrow. push yourself to constantly explore beyond your norm and put yourself in unexpected situations. fuck being comfortable. #MKEXPLORE
changing the world isn’t as hard as you think... all you have to do is just change.. the way you think; your world is now different.. just like that. #MKEXPLORE
beastie boys; sabotage was the first song played for my Monday.. awesome way to get the day going. #MKEXPLORE
documenting content. sharing content. curating content. sharing curated documented content. is there really a fine line for all of this? #MKEXPLORE
i have a new appreciation for how much i fuck w brooklyn; but i’m so ready to go home to my wife and kids. last day in New York. #MKEXPLORE

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