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Photo by @ismailferdous | Before moving to America, I always fantasized about doing a cross country trip from New York to California on Route 66. Though the dream of driving cross country has yet to come true, I drove on Route 66 in Califor
Swimming in the middle of the ocean with a whale shark 🐋 Would you? 💦 Baja California, Mexico. Video by @postandfly #nature
Mil gracias 🙏🏽 Pomona. California por el calor humano
La cosa es que La Vida no es muy seria en sus cosas ¿ Por qué habría yo darle importancia a ella ?  #contaxt2 #filmisnotdead #film #filmphotography #contax #porta400 #calilife #california #jdog #portrait
Does Schloss Neuschwanstein look a little like real-life Disneyland to you? That’s because Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the California theme park was the inspiration for this magical beauty — Walt Disney and his wife took
Back in California but reminiscing over last week in New York City 🌹 @shoppilgrim
We started the day by launching space lasers! 🚀 
At 9:02 a.m. EDT, our #ICESat2 satellite launched on an United Launch Alliance (@ulalaunch) #DeltaII rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California for a mission to use laser
Is good to be back in the wild. Spending the week in my favorite area in California.
Back in California in the silver summer, remember stay wild stay smilin today
Having complete freedom to conceptualize and shoot this skincare campaign for a brand that changed my skin and health completely is a dream come true! We spend the past year creating an image bank for #madesafe California based @truebotanic
Twin turbo Lamborghini Huracan Perfomante going to California! 
Photo via: @underground_racing 
Second page: @M85Media

Other page: @StancedAutohaus

#Lamborghini #Huracan #Perfomante #UGRHuracan #TwinTurbo #AmazingCars247

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My Everyday Life: Week 38

Here8217s what this past week looked like My Everyday Life Week 38 This week we had guests Cas
Cinematic train wreck, “The Room”, is now on YouTube in its entirety

The Roomhas been ranked with Plan 9 From Outer Spaceas a strong contender for the 8220best8
Voedingsdagboek Californië | Deel 3

Iets meer thuis eten iets minder buiten de deur Nouuuu niet helemaal Gek genoeg komen we tot de

I LOVE LISTS There8217s a lot of truth in this How to draw a 3D fried egg WHOA This story tou
Home Tour: Beautiful Colonial Style Home In La Cañada, California

This project was a new build and interior design project in La Caada a city in Los Angeles Coun
Lime is pissed at San Francisco for denying it an e-scooter permit, claims ‘unlawful bias’

Lime is waging a war against theSan FranciscoMunicipal Transporation Agency SFMTA claiming th
Winter dream cabin in the village of Sugar Bowl: Ski Barn

This barninspired rustic ski cabin is situated in the old world Tahoe village of Sugar Bowl Cali
Crispy Italian Fries

Sometimes I take a look at theRecipes section of my website for meal inspiration and to see how f
‘Brotopia’ inspired OODA Health to raise its $40.5M round only from firm’s with female partners

OODA Health a startup developing technology to make the US healthcare payment system more efficie

160 Deze vlog is in een complete plaagbui van mij maar misschien daarom ook wel net even ander
This Organic Desert House in Joshua Tree, CA is at One With Its Environment

Designed by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg with interiors by John Vugrin
Spire Health Tags are now on Apple’s shelves

Spire8217s Health Tagsthe dark and tiny devices you stick on your clothes to gather all sorts
Modern Boho Loft in Brooklyn

When I spotted sneak peeks of this Brooklyn loft floating around Pinterest I was immediately smitt
Ajit Pai: California net neutrality law is "illegal"

Californias bestinAmerica Net Neutrality law goes a long way to restoring the protections
Oakland to expand managed homeless shantytowns of prefab sheds

httpswwwyoutubecomwatchtimecontinue82vTcJZx6dMR1U Oakland like San Francisco has
Ajit Pai calls California’s net neutrality rules “illegal”

CA enforcing neutrality because Pai abdicated his responsibility senator says
Intentions for the Week

Happy Monday We spent the weekend away for travel baseball It was fun and exhausting I have so
My Everyday Life: Week 37

Here8217s what this past week looked like My Everyday Life Week 37 We ended the week with some
African experiments with drone technologies could leapfrog decades of infrastructure neglect

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City He is coauthor of The

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