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Photograph by @PaulNicklen // I seem to spend so much time dreaming of a life past when woolly mammoths, sloth bears, and saber-toothed cats roamed the tundra. But, when we stop and look, we are still surrounded by incredibly unique, char
From @riepoyonn: “Shhhh...Cats sleeping...” #catsofinstagram
All cats, even ones as adorable as me, like to hide when we’re sick. I can’t explain it, it’s a cat thing! With #PrettyLitter, my hooman can keep tabs on my health and take me to the cat-doctor when I show signs of illness. T
Cheetahs are the only big cats that purr! #funfactfriday 🐆 Tobais from the @cheetah_outreach program & @nathaliesinkvist shot by @michellevdijk for @sommer.swim
cats eyes
I stand by this so strongly, these numbers are from one day, at one shelter. There are SO many dogs and cats in shelters that have the heart and souls of any “designer breed” Adopt don’t shop, foster and support your local sh
Well hello. Are you ready for the weekend? Here's a dose of cuteness with a sprinkle of fashun inspirashun from our favorite cat @zappa_the_cat! Meow! 😸
#bazaarlovesfashion #cats #zappathecat
RADIOACTIVE CATS 🙀🔋 by #sandyskogland 1980. Published in “The Eye” May 2018 by @fotografiska
Do cats in London have accents too? It was a pleasure being pampered by you! @maxandharveyofficial
When your campsite in on a ranch, you get horses, cats and dogs on your doorstep too 😍 @trekamerica #itrekhere #wellsgrey #explorebc 📸: @littlegreybox_phoebe
Congratulations for a successful fundraising dinner for @nspcc_official at the @therivercafelondon last night! @tamarm1306 what a fun table you put together, thank you!! Love these two cats💥@davidfurnish 💥@elizabethhur
A picture of me and three of my favourite things (cats vodka chickenshop)

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Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

Eating poop is a behavior called coprophagia If you notice your dog doing so it might be a sign of
Why Do Cats Knead?

If you own a cat then you have probably watched it knead blankets pillows or even your own lap wit
I Finally Found a Cat House That's Stylish Enough to Display - For Only $65 on Amazon!

When it comes to pets some owners love shelling out cash left and right on fluffy beds and ad
I'm Allergic to My Cat, and This $99 Air Purifier Makes Living With Him Bearable

Im not ashamed to admit it I love cats I recently adopted a beautiful superfluffy kitten and
Newcomer Finds A Letter Left By Previous Home Owners, Decides To Do What It Says

Moving houses is quite a stressful task Especially when you find out that the past owners left som
Academic gives totally normal TV interview with a cat on his head

The news is very bad but this cat is very good160 Dutch news show Nieuwsuur was i
This cat with a human-like face is here to spook and bewilder you

Step right up boys and girls its the cat with the creepy human face Meet Valkyrie t
Looking for wild cats in Borneo

Lucky does not even begin to describe this trip The post Looking for the worlds most elu
Peek A Boo Modern Cat Furniture You Can Enjoy, Too

Peek A Boo is a pair of catfriendly pieces that both you and your cat can enjoy together or separat
QUIZ: Which Literary Cat Are You?

If you love books cats and books about cats have we got a quiz for you Are you more Crookshanks

Jake 2002 8211 June 27 2018 We never did know exactly when his birthday was but did know the ye
Google Street View captures very confused cat hanging out in Rome

If something weird is captured on Google Street View someone on the internet is bound to
Kitty who don't fits can't sits

Speaking from experience a few extra pounds makes everything worse
Fuzzy Pet Health launches a $10-per-month telemedicine vet care plan

A new subscription service will now let you chat with a vet from your smartphone for 10 per month
Tips for Traveling with your Pet by Car

Traveling with your pet by car can be a fun adventure whether taking a day trip or a long road trip
FREE One-Day Shipping on Pet Supplies with Amazon Prime

Here8217s a time and money saving tip for pet parents Amazon has a huge variety of popular pet i
Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a great weekend We8217re still trying to recover from a week8217s worth
Vintage Matchbox-Style Artworks of Cats Making Questionable Decisions

Strike Your Fancy is a series of cheeky matchboxes by Arna Miller and Ravi Zupa

Sourcelesmemorables 160 If you come near I might not hear Im taking a dip Beware of a nip
Vet Reveals The Craziest Things Pet Owners Have Done, And It’s Hard To Believe They Have Actually Happened

Visits to the vet can be scary and stressful for the animals often leaving them drugged and confuse

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