Discover the #catsofinstagram

From @felirafelira: “🐱Let’s play together!! sound on *These sounds mean that Puu (she) is grooming …😉” #catsofinstagram
From @leo.mainecoon: “a king should always have mondays off 😏” #catsofinstagram
Issue 26 😻is out now. (English edition) Coverillustration made by @holly_jolley_  #flowmagazine #catsofinstagram #enjoythelittlethings #postcards #papergoodies
From @misu_billy: “Reminds me of the undertaker 😹⚱️” #catsofinstagram
From @frankiethesphynx: “When you're trying to take a #nomakeup selfie but someone keeps knocking.” #catsofinstagram
‪From @rukasthecat: “This is Lavender’s sister, Iris ❤️ she’s a Tortie* but just on her two paws and she’s SO STINKIN’ CUTE.” #catsofinstagram ‬
‪From @love2foster: “There’s always one that cannot be contained.” #catsofinstagram ‬
‪From @hanaduna: “우리 두나❤️
까까먹을때 코 주름ㅋㅋㅋ 이영앤줄ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ” #catsofinstagram ‬
‪From @purrminators: “Belly dancing is now officially my fav sport.‬
‪To watch. And only when practiced by kittens.‬
‪#lillyslittles @lemon_and_lentil” #catsofinstagram ‬
From @mainecoonqueens: “Hello there 😍” #catsofinstagram
From @lolaplieva: “И за стиркой тоже следит🤣” #catsofinstagram

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