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Photo by @PaulNicklen | Marching together along the South Georgia shoreline, king penguins head out to sea to find food for their hungry chicks. Just as human communities offer benefits to members, like support and social interaction, pengu
Me:  I’m done bending over backwards for chicks
Also me:
How to pick up chicks in 60s
@instagrambodybuilding #instagrambodybuilding
So much fun! #LoveYall 🥰❤️#Repost @nickiminaj with 
YIKESSSSSSSSSSS- heavy on the BAD BTCH LINK UP #THANKYOU to all the dope chicks in the #GoodFormVIDEO. LINK IN MY BIO 🥰🤩✨⚡️
When you’re trying to contain your crazy in your @fashionnova cause he just liked another chicks IG pic 🔪 #iwillgocrazywhenimdrunkandblameitonthealcohol #iwanttobreakhisphone #deletehisig #reporthisaccount #whatsyourpassword
Chicks be like, do I have something on my butt? Outfit: @fashionnova 😂 #nonutnovember #yoursouljustwentupmyass #canyouhelpme #letmepickupyourjaw #iblockedmyexbuthesomehowmessagedmeonposhmark #scorpioseason
I cant wait to get my #BODaciousJEANS @bodaciousbodywear! The perfect jeans for all my Thick chicks!
You might know @busyphilipps from her roles in Freaks And Geeks, White Chicks, or I Feel Pretty, or follow her Instagram antics (anyone else want her as their hilarious and supportive BFF?), but did you know she co-wrote the movie Blades of
Tonight I had the honor of presenting the Stylist of the Year Award to my brilliant stylist @elizabethstewart1 x even though she styles all the cool chicks like Julia, Cate, Gal, Viola, Jessica, Sandra...somehow this cool chick has time for
Two smiley chicks on a Saturday night ✨⚡️🌹
Chicks be like, check out my shoes from @crystallizedkicks no but seriously check them out! I really love them! 😍❤️

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