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One of the first places we visited in Beijing is a classical teahouse and theater called the Lao She Teahouse. It was as ornate as one might expect. There are places to sit down and have a relaxing tea (which I did not, but probably should
Antologia Històrica de la Música Catalana. Música per a flauta. Disseny: Jordi Fornas (1967). #lp #classical #jordifornas #edigsa #música #flauta #dissenygràfic #tipografia #fotografia #music #flute #33rpm #salvador
Found myself digging through old photographs of the trip my brother & I took to the Cinque Terre during our journey around Italy & Greece - where we just basically nerded out about everything we’d both studied in Classical Studies & Ar
Lisa Yuskavage is the earthy, feminine and bawdy painter tarting up the classical genre—and having had a rip-roaring good time doing it. Happy Birthday to the art world's favorite troublemaker. X
Kate Moss by Lisa Yuskavage
W maga
I cannot wait to go see this in person. No charge to get in, calling on all my classical painting loving peeps ❕❕❕ #Repost @robertsimonfineart ・・・
Varnishing Day! Something this Old Master dealer has never had
Framed as a sensual, delicious surrender to desire, Karen Walker's latest collection 'Eden' invites us to walk the line between pleasure and pain; the classical beauty of a pearl re-imagined with spiky, silver barbs - a feature from BLKONBL
Rebellion comes in. Bold and romantic, seductive and feminine the new #ValentinoPreFall18 Collection together with the latest Valentino Garavani #Candystud bag plays with contrast among the classical statues. Discover the look through #link
Dipping his feet into the world of electronic music on UPRISING’s Velocity compilation - classical pianist @m_adamputra releases his debut EP titled “The Beginning of My Counterfaith”. The young pianist will feature producers
Congratulations! #KendrickLamar has won the Pulitzer Prize for music for "DAMN" the first non-classical or jazz artist to win the award. #blackexcellence
Team Roehampton 😂💪 that’s this year’s Classical Association over - until next year. Such a positive first speaking experience as well!
Photograph by @simonnorfolkstudio
Uxmal (Yucatec Mayan: Óoxmáal) is an ancient Maya city of the Classical period in present-day Mexico. It is considered one of the most important archaeological sites of Mayan culture. Most of t
I bet he was listening to classical music.
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When Someone Says “Show Me Some Impressive Piano Playing”

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Bill Murray's releasing a classical album because nothing makes sense. Or maybe everything does.

Actor comedian and diehard Cubs fan Bill Murray just found his next big project conq
I listened to death metal for 8 hours straight

I had two friends listen to two completely different types of music 8212 death metal
Premiere: "For Everything That You Lost" by Jambinai: Expressing consolation via their traditional Korean instruments and the beauty of Jeju Island

South Korean trio Jambinai—equipped with the country's expressive traditional instruments—pluc...

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