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2 weeks back in the gym diet and sups are spot on.... 4lbs weight gained... LONG way to go but feeling happy in the gym again 🔥
My one true love...The gym baby😍#happyvalentinesday
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@ellastubbington ft. NYC 2019
The best 2 weeks showing my sister around NYC. I made her walk 20km or more a day, fed her a diet of cookies, cakes, bagels and pizza and basically just laughed (also occasionally bickered) a whole lot
What do you crave the first day of a diet? I feel like I reserve Monday’s for “healthier” foods but the first thing I want is a cheese burger and fries 😂😂😂🤷‍♀️ #PHAAT
Shrimp wonton noodle soup diet 🍜! Had more dim sum than we thought possible in Hong Kong but had even more noodle soup. Our favorite rendition was at the original Mak Man Kee Noodle but even at the airport, this dish did not disa
Progress always makes me smile...Current condition baby!
Get My Full Support With Your Diet & Training Today & Check Out My Cutting & Bulking Plans On Site...#GetInvolved
Find Plans Here | Link In My Bio👉@dickersonross
Instagram or YouTube? On this photo my weight is 52-53 kg. I'm taking and loosing weight very fast. For my happiness training and diet magic is working and I'm growing exactly where I need. I'm thinking about recording my outside workouts f
Between my meals I introduce #isofit from @nutrexresearch , mixed with water for now and taste great 🤗 following my nutritionist @nutricionistarodolfoperes diet 🤓 
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#Breakfast (while traveling) - avocado toast with chili pepper sauce and poached eggs? I can dig it. 😂🙌🏾Especially with a side of smoked salmon. What would you add/eliminate for your diet? Boom. (traduccion
Congrats @djokernole 👏👏 See the diet that saw #Djokovic go from regular mid-match collapses, to a Grand Slam winning streak and how to replicate it yourself. Link in bio. 🎾

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