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#Rockets Family Holiday Special! 🎁
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🎅 1 Family Photo with Santa Clutch
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Must love dogs. Tune into @deadlyclassyfy on @syfy January 16! #deadlyclass
i feel famous
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At home gluteus medius workout🔥

Who else loves working out at home? I can do a bunch of weird moves and no one looks at me funny and only my dogs get in the way of my workouts😂 
Remember work
What a difference a year makes! Exactly one year ago today... walking the dogs in the snow with my big ol’ bump! 😝 I actually kind of miss having a bump which is so weird because before I was pregnant the idea of being pregn
First snowboard shred with my dogs of the season! Do they look stoked?? #DCsnowboards #YukiTheDestroyer #BentleyChickenFingersBlock #ParkCity
Had so much fun shooting this #AdoptDontShop campaign with @peta and the cutest co-star ever 😊 I’m a proud dog Uncle and as you may know, I LOVE dogs! Sharing this message and always choosing to adopt is the best way to show
When you talk to dogs too much (swipe up on my instagram stories to watch the full video)
My majestic snow dogs just chilling. They are much faster than me at “hiking" up the mountain. So, sometimes they just chill at the top and watch me struggle as I hike uphill through the powder. #theyreprobablydoglaughingatme #YukiThe
🎁 Rockets Family Holiday Special! 🎁
🎟 4 Tickets
🌭 4 Hot Dogs
🥤 4 Sodas
🎅 1 Family Photo with Santa Clutch
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Forget who let the dogs out... who let this one into my studio?
Scenes from Dallas. #dallas #texas #iphone #eagles #dogs #art

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Boo, the precious internet-famous Pomeranian, is dead at age 12

Its a sad sad day for fans of the worlds cutest dog On Friday the owners of Boo t
Please enjoy these Pope-like dogs wearing Crocs on their impossibly small heads

Look were only 18 days into 2019 and its already looking better than the shitshow that
friDIARY #9 | We Got a Dog + January Updates

We got a dog Read all about him and our snowy weekend in Ohio in today8217s friDIARY post 2019
50 Adorable Names For Your Dog in 2019

Welcome home sweet pooch If youre adding a fourlegged furry friend to your family this year
I Tossed Powder On Some Dogs, And The Result Turned Out Amazing (13 Images)

My name is Jess Bell Im a Canadian photographer with a flair for capturing unique and artistic ima
The 18 Best Dog Poems for Every Wag-Worthy Occasion

From Emily Dickinson to Pablo Neruda this selection of poets demonstrate the range of ways we relat
These Pups Deserve a Round of Appaws For Looking This Good in These Weddings

Choosing who to have in your wedding is never an easy decision but these photos prove that ha
My Life Among the Underdogs: A Memoir by Tia Torres (Pit Bulls & Parolees)

We are HUGE fans of Tia Torres and her pack from Animal Planet8217s hit show Pit Bulls 038 Par
National Dress Up Your Pet Day

160 160 Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day Its the perfect time to share some really
My dog's medical insurance is paying off big time

My dog had some pretty massive surgery Pet insurance did what it was supposed to do I w
Dog’s Fart is So Bad the Cat Throws Up (w Video Evidence)

This is the perfect Internet video change my mind
20 Products That Will Make Any Pet Owner's Life So Much Easier

Pets are like family members small creatures that you could never imagine living without Ho
This Texas Theater Lets You Catch a Movie With Your Dog, and Welp, Guess I'm Booking a Flight

On Dec 7 2018 the world as we know it changed forever with the opening of K9 Cinemas a mov
People Who Prefer Pets Over Kids Are Creating Funny Memes That Explain Their Choice

Millennials are choosing pets over kids for a ton of reasons from cost an average of 3085 a year
Mandy Moore Reveals Her Dog Jackson Almost Died After Eating a Tennis Ball

Mandy Moore is thankful to have her furry friend safe and sound after a scary ordeal The Thi
Carrie Fisher's Beloved French Bulldog Gary Retires to Florida 2 Years After the Actress' Death

Life aint so ruff for Gary Fisher The French bulldog who belonged to the late Carrie Fish
Here Comes the Sun

It has been such a rainy wet fall and start of winter on the east coast I have always been a fan
A Dog’s Way Home in Theaters on January 11

As a pet lover I have always had a pet or several in my home When I was a child we had an adorab
Watch: Bulldog is excited about treat, so he's gotta dance

Brutus Patutus is described by his human as a goofy loving American Bully He live
I Travel With My Emotional Support Animal, and This Is What I Want You to Know

While I wasnt formally diagnosed with generalized anxiety and chronic depression until the b

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