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My man and his drone. Casually building his dream house in his spare time. #HowDidIGetSoLucky #WhatCantHeDo #MyBaby'sDaddy
My Disneyland! 🔥🌴🤘 Minha Disneylândia! 😜 Tikehau, um paraíso para voar de drone! 😃 Estava a 400 metros de altura e o vento estava bem forte, mas o meu Mavic Air estava voando
Nothing like some weekend drone flying back in Ohio with dad.
Rate my skills 1 to 10. Disregard that landing at the end 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
I think I'm not flying enough with my drone. Even the simplest compositions from above really works for me. I think I should focus more on my drone and mobile phone footage and ditch my Sony camera for my Instagram. What do you think?
Chegamos na metade de nossa viagem e também em um dos lugares mais incríveis do mundo, o atol de Tikehau! 😀 Estamos  hospedados no @tikehaupearlbeachresort e acabei de saber que aqui no resort não pode voar drone.
When @mrmikerosenthal plays with his drone while we are sunbathing by the pool 👙☀️ #revolvearoundtheworld @revolve 
Quando @mrmikerosenthal brinca com o drone enquanto você toma sol na piscina!
Name a more iconic duo than @mrmikerosenthal and his drone 📸🚁 @revolve #revolvearoundtheworld
Ready to face any challenge. #plane #drone #vwtroc #volkswagen #vw
Stormy skies roll in over Peles Castle in Romania.
Not long after this shot we got drenched. I just got the drone down and packed it away before the skies opened up. I do think this Castle looks great at any time of day in any wea
Rio de Janeiro • Morro 2 Irmãos • Sempre quis fazer uma foto do Morro 2 Irmãos de drone e a noite! 👌 Fui ali rapidinho, subi, cliquei e voltei! 😜 Matei a vontade e este foi o resultado! ✌️
Teaser da DJI! 😱 18 de Julho tem lançamento de drone novo!!!!! 👌 Vamos aguardar ansiosamente as novidades!!!! 🕙🇺🇸@djiglobal @djistorebrasil #dji #djibrasil #djiglobal #mavicpro2
Sneak Peek Drone Montage from Today's Vlog🎥💥
I'm going to be doing a ton of fun stuff on my YouTube channel coming up! Go watch the full Vlog, LINK IN BIO🙌🏼

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