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Who else uses excerise balls? .⠀
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As per your request ladies... NO JUMPING LEG SESSION 👊💧💪 Try 15-20 reps per exercise for 3 laps!!
🧠One of my specialties is making SMART workouts with DUMB-bells. 🧪With the right movement selection and exercise order, you can make light weights feel “h
Exercise? Oh I thought said accessorise? 😜 @kandima_maldives
These recovery bands are fantastic to add into your workout for a little more resistance! They can either assist you by making the exercise easier OR add a little extra push for you, depending on how you set up the band! Here is a workout t
💪🏽Full body Workout .
____How to Perform this Workout_____.
•Do 15 Reps of each exercise back to back, try not to rest in between the sets. •Repeat these exercises in a circuit format for 5 sets. .
Day 11 of the #bornworthy Group Challenge 🎉💪🥊 Are you finding the meal plan or exercise plan more of a challenge to stick to!? How’s your motivation? Ready to crush the second weekend of the challenge!?
ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND: Our kinda exercise @jordanwain wears @fendi photographed by @emstempest and styled by @julieragolia with hair by @kotasuizu and makeup by @sandracooke. Issue 12 of 10 Men Australia is out now. #Fendi #
Killer AB WORKOUT!! Don’t be confused by the pull ups, my abs ALWAYS hurt after a few sets of those💪💪 I would definitely call this a “advanced ab workout”. Each exercise is performed any where between 14
Our favorite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch... We call it lunch! 🥯#styletoday #lunch #lunchtime #bagel #lunchoclock

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