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Transformation of weapons into jewelry handcrafted in Laos from Vietnam War shrapnel. ☝️shop link in bio

My collection, Peace Begins In Me, is inspired by sacred geometry. 
It “represents the symbiotic relationship betwee
The Flower of Life is considered by some to be a symbol of sacred geometry, said to contain ancient, religious value depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. In this sense, it is a visual expression of the connections life weaves
Gifts with a meaning: @article_22 + Angela Lindvall Sacred Geometry collection.  Wearing the Fruit-of-Life necklace, you can open the gateway to higher dimensions and worlds. The Fruit-of-Life represents a dimensional portal to higher consc
Sacred geometry involves sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality, most often seen in sacred architecture and sacred art. The basic belief is that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and pr
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That's a 10/10 in geometry and photography👌. #964 #PorscheMoment (📷: @jeremycliff)
Geometry of Japan. 🤤
Tired of the perfect cat-eye? Here’s how ypu can have some fun woth make-up this season 👀 (via @hollifer__)
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แรงบันดาลใจจากเสน่ห์ความงดงามของศิลปะ Ar
The geometry of the Adalaj stepwell never ceases to amaze us. A stone’s throw away from Ahmedabad, we would happily spend our whole weekend among these rock cut stepwells admiring the architectural excellence. .
If you have luck by
Sacred Geometry 💜💜💜

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Office for Stark Games in Minsk, Belarus by Studio11.

Studio 11 has recently completed a mega cool workplace interior for Stark Games in Minsk Belarus
Word Problem Strategies : Analyzing Word Problems with Free Organizers/Mats

Word problems used to be the bane of my existence as a new teacher Thankfully I learned new stra
This Artist Creates Amazing Optical Illusions Using Simple Lines

Katy Ann Gilmore is a Los Anglesbased artist She has adegree in mathematics so its not hard t
Wuxi Taihu Show Bamboo Theatre in China by Steven Chilton Architects.

Located close to Lake Taihu in Jiangsu Province China the Wuxi Show Theatre was inspired by the S
Samy Halim’s Geometric Birds Illustrations (Made on iPad)

Paris based graphic designer Samy Halim illustrated these stylish geometric birds only using Procr
RYU Japanese Restaurant by Ménard Dworkind in Montreal, Canada.

Montrealbased architecture 038 design studio Mnard Dworkind employed a contemporary design ap
Craft Stick Shapes

Teaching shapes to our kiddos can be a lot of fun We like to use a lot of manipulatives when it
Free Geometry Activities

Geometry specifically 2D shapes is one of those skills that my students need to practice a lot
86+73 Chromatic Installation by Alberonero.

Milan based designer painter and installation artist Alberonero has been busy transforming buildin
XZONE Office in Guangzhou, China by AD ARCHITECTURE.

Xie Peihe started up Ad Architecture the Chinese architecture and interiors studio back in 2015 F
Resort Assemblage Pieces by Emily Forgot.

British artist Emily Forgot has released a new collection of assemblage pieces and limited edition
AeLe House With 9 Rooms in South Korea by Nameless Architecture.

Surrounded by lush forest in a quiet mountain range outside of Seoul is a home draped in concrete
1WOR Flagship Store in Shenzhen, China by DOMANI.

Its an interesting narrative by Ann Yu the lead architect from Domani about the inspiration be
Colourful, Geometric Small Furniture Pieces by Antwerp-based Nortstudio.

Antwerpbased Nortstudio focuses on the design of small furniture and lighting pieces through an ex
Gable House in Roßleithen, Austria by mia2/Architektur.

Built on a slope on the site of a small settlement in the alpine region of Roleithen Austria
XYZ Lounge & Bar in Ghent, Belgium by Didier Fiúza Faustino.

Fleshy pink stucco mouldings slabs of sandy silverveined marble and a militia of Delete Yoursel
Open-Air Holiday Home in Zicatela Beach, Mexico by Ludwig Godefroy & Emmanuel Picault.

Balanced between the mountains and the sea on the southwest coast of Mexico Casa Zicatela is a co
PandaDoc Office in Minsk, Belarus by Studio11.

Studio11 has completed a new project in Minsk for PandaDoc and has structured the floor plan and ci
The Beehive in Surry Hills by Luigi Rosselli + Raffaello Rosselli.

Construction creates about 50 of Australias waste output And a buildings energy footprint i
Early 20thCentury Home in Belgium Transformed by Pierre Yovanovitch.

This extraordinary 1900s Belgian residence has undergone many different incarnations It was ori

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