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Photo by @jonathan_irish // The beautiful Aurora Borealis (northern lights) appeared overhead the other night as we were cruising on a Nat Geo expedition ship in a remote fjord in western Greenland. It’s always a treat to see this be
A colossal 11-million ton iceberg is towering over a tiny Greenland village, captured in one of the most jaw-dropping photos you'll see this week.

Taken by Karl Petersen on Friday, the photograph shows an enormous 650-feet-wide iceberg s
Whilst flying over Greenland last year it was evident how fast the ice sheet is melting. If it completely melts the global sea level would rise by seven metres! Thankfully we still have the power to stop that happening by focusing on switch
Exactly 9 months ago, @deannasallao and I were exploring #ANTARCTICA with @hurtigruten! 🐧❄️ It was such a great experience and I hope to return down there again soon (or perhaps Northbound to Greenland!). Today is also
Mystery solved! 😮 A new study explains why the Tracy and Heilprin glaciers, which flow side by side into Inglefield Gulf in northwest Greenland, are melting at radically different rates.

Using ocean data from our Oceans Meltin
“Filming in an area of Greenland where climate change is so apparent and well documented really added to the sense of urgency in trying to combat this issue in particular.” – Journalist and filmmaker @frederickpaxton
Above Greenland ✈️
Photo: @andy_mann // a polar bear stands proud in the midnight sun. Photographed on one of the most remote stretches of arctic coastline on the planet, Thor’s Land, Greenland. Experiences like this have the ability to change the way
There are easier ways to wake yourself up in the morning... but that’s not really the point now is it. .

@ritonkulous aboard the @auroraarktika in remote Greenland . I’ve had many journeys on this boat in the last few years and
Most incredible trip last year to Greenland! Truly blown away by the beauty of the Arctic with @WWF_UK for #EarthHourUK and Adrian Luckman from @SwanseaUni.  IT NEEDS OUR HELP... Our precious planet and incredible species need protecting no
Few homes remained inhabited in this small village in Greenland. Besides diminishing sea ice, It has become easier and easier for people to move to towns & cities where prepackaged food is readily available, rather than pursuing the hard wo
Photo by @nickcobbing
A tabular Iceberg in front of the Greenlandic settlement of Tasiilaq on south eastern Greenland. Settlements on Greenland exist around the coastline because the interior is an ice sheet of thick ice. Few communities a

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Adventure seeker Daniel Kordan has no dilemma With a loving wife and daughter at home his photogra
Frostbite on my butt – and other unexpected moments from Greenland

Nordic skiing 560 kilometres across the Greenland Icecap dished up many unexpected experiences T
Incredible Timelapse Shows 300 ft Tall Iceberg Drift Perilously Past Small Village

An ominous 11 millionton iceberg lurches past the small Greenlandic village of Innaarsuit
Massive 11-million-ton iceberg towers over little village in Greenland

A colossal 11million ton iceberg is towering over a tiny Greenland village captured in o
Timelapse Shows 10 Billion Tons of Ice Calving Off a Glacier in Greenland

An iceberg the size of Manhattan calves off the Helheim Glacier over a period of 30 minutes
Scientists witness a four-mile wide iceberg being created

A gaggle of scientists from New York University were on scene in Greenland when a fourmile wid
Stories from the Sea in Greenland

90 of the immense land mass that is Kalaallit Nunaat better known to anglophone speakers as Green
Congressman thinks the seas are rising because of rocks. He's wrong.

There are a lot of theories and countertheories passed around by climate change deniers i
Greenland ice cores track Roman lead pollution in year-by-year detail

Studying the ice cores may help reconstruct fluctuations in the ancient economy
Sobering visualizations reveal how sea level rise could transform cities in your lifetime

Until recently it seemed that we would be able to manage global warminginduced sea level
What we do in the next 5 years will determine the fate of the melting Arctic

Global warming has pushed the Arctic into a new state unprecedented in human history with
Global warming to cause fastest rate of sea level rise in human history

With global climate talks kicking off in Marrakech Morocco on Monday a new study provide
Science Torpedoes Reveal How Greenland Is Melting From Below

Warm salty currents from the Atlantic Ocean are causing Greenlands ice sheets to melt from the
Settling the harsh and beautiful coast of Greenland circa 1889

August 1889 Kayakers near Ammassalik Image TN KrabbeNational Museum of Denmark The

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