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I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve joined the @hurtigruten team! This means that I’ll be taking you on 2 amazing expeditions a year (Greenland/Iceland/Norway up first). I can’t wait to show you some of the most untouch
It was an honour to attend the World Youth Forum in Sharm El Shiek and speak about Climate Change. I shared my experiences of travelling to Greenland, Somilland and Kiribati and how visiting these ‘front-lines’ of climate change h
Photo by @jonathan_irish // Light and shadow. Late afternoon light bathes these icebergs in a gorgeous glow in Greenland’s Ilulissat Icefjord. A UNESCO heritage site, emanating from one of the most productive glaciers in the world, i
Photo by Robbie Shone @Shonephoto | Last summer, we joined a climate research expedition in the Arctic. The aim was to visit the Wegener Halvø peninsula of East Greenland where we had received a tip off that there were caves to be foun
Video by @kiliiiyuyan // A fin whale surfaces off the West Coast of Greenland. This smaller cousin of the blue whale is still the second largest species of whale and it inhabits most of the world’s oceans. The North Atlantic populati
“I shot this at midnight as the summer light continued to perpetually illuminate the extraordinary landscape,” says @elialocardi of his trip to the capital of Greenland — Nuuk — last year. The country, also known as the
🏡Qaqortoq, the most populous town in southern Greenland. This mega city has a mind-boggling population of 3089.
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Photo by @kiliiiyuyan // Kunnunguaq Davidsen performs a Greenland kayak roll in the National Kayaking Championships in Nuuk. Inuit kayaking rolling was done to recover from a capsize during kayak-hunting. It has since evolved into a natio
With a name that translates to “Land of the People,” Greenland just might be one of the most welcoming places to travel. Some of its most sought-after attractions are its hot springs, which on any given day can be around 100 degre
Photo by Robbie Shone @shonephoto | We arrived in the colorful village of Ittoqqortoormiit in East Greenland late on the evening of the 3rd August and spent five days there as we waited for a good weather/sea ice opportunity to continue fu
Photo: @andy_mann // Getting there is always half the fun. A surreal scene keeps @natgeo explorer @mikelibecki and I awake and spellbound during a long evening excursion down the coast of east Greenland. // Come join me @andy_mann on an
Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) // As our time drew to an end on the Wagener Halvø peninsula, East Greenland, we often sat and looked out across this beautiful fjord at the iceberg. Occasionally we thought we could spot a seal or

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Greenland is in hot water

Scientists have watched Greenlands colossal ice sheet shrink at an accelerated rate for t
Sleep in igloos in Greenland

Ice ice baby The post You can sleep in igloos under the northern lights in Greenland appe
Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands

These are the destination outliers the remote and lessvisited islands in the North Atlantic aka
How to stay at the most remote hotel

If you can manage to get there that is The post Stay for free at the most remote hotel in
Landscapes of the World

Adventure seeker Daniel Kordan has no dilemma With a loving wife and daughter at home his photogra
Frostbite on my butt – and other unexpected moments from Greenland

Nordic skiing 560 kilometres across the Greenland Icecap dished up many unexpected experiences T
Incredible Timelapse Shows 300 ft Tall Iceberg Drift Perilously Past Small Village

An ominous 11 millionton iceberg lurches past the small Greenlandic village of Innaarsuit
Massive 11-million-ton iceberg towers over little village in Greenland

A colossal 11million ton iceberg is towering over a tiny Greenland village captured in o
Timelapse Shows 10 Billion Tons of Ice Calving Off a Glacier in Greenland

An iceberg the size of Manhattan calves off the Helheim Glacier over a period of 30 minutes
Scientists witness a four-mile wide iceberg being created

A gaggle of scientists from New York University were on scene in Greenland when a fourmile wid
Stories from the Sea in Greenland

90 of the immense land mass that is Kalaallit Nunaat better known to anglophone speakers as Green
Congressman thinks the seas are rising because of rocks. He's wrong.

There are a lot of theories and countertheories passed around by climate change deniers i
Greenland ice cores track Roman lead pollution in year-by-year detail

Studying the ice cores may help reconstruct fluctuations in the ancient economy
Sobering visualizations reveal how sea level rise could transform cities in your lifetime

Until recently it seemed that we would be able to manage global warminginduced sea level
What we do in the next 5 years will determine the fate of the melting Arctic

Global warming has pushed the Arctic into a new state unprecedented in human history with
Global warming to cause fastest rate of sea level rise in human history

With global climate talks kicking off in Marrakech Morocco on Monday a new study provide
Science Torpedoes Reveal How Greenland Is Melting From Below

Warm salty currents from the Atlantic Ocean are causing Greenlands ice sheets to melt from the

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