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Heyyyyyyy Russia, can you please stop trying to politically puppeteer us and maybe use all your teen hackers for some shit that we’d all actually be into? K THANKS BYEEEEE (@samaraleilani)
U.S. officials say Russian hackers infiltrated electric utilitiesNo need to panic, folks! Just Russian hackers claiming "hundreds of victims" to infiltrate U.S. electric utilities, giving them the ability to cause blackouts.

The state-
currently in Brooklyn but I just wanted to warn you all, if you put in any payment/personal information trying to get one of the (FAKE) free iPhones that the hackers posted on my page, you might want to chan
Me dealing with hackers.
Hackers are repurposing every conceivable device to play ‘Doom,’ a 25 year old PC game. The results are impressive.
Is Your Webcam Really Vulnerable to Hackers Cybersecurity expert Ondrej Krehel explains how the webcams and microphones on phones and computers could potentially spy on you  Subscribe for more ...
Ellen Admits to Knowledge of Russian Ads Theres been some controversy surrounding Russian hackers taking over Facebook ads last year and Ellen confessed she was complicit in the entire scandal...
Sandwich lovers, Hungry Hackers is the place to go if you wanna try some offbeat sandwichs! From a Pizza sandwich to their Macaroni High Rise sandwich, there's so much to try! 
Where: SD 122 Jaipuria Sunrise Plaza, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad
Ugggh my 🖤!! Last night in Melbs and my bro and his partner made us a stupidly good meal. Pic on left was taken with my mom's  old phone so Dave and I look like 90's hackers. Pic on the right is Emily and I going head to head to
Caution ❌! Stay away from hackers! They hacked all my accounts! But now they seem safe! Please do not respond to any suspicious or luring emails or messages. Thank you! Share this information! #cybercrime #hacker #instagram
Hamza the man himself
The smiling Hamza Bendellajd, a computer science graduate, one of the World's greatest hackers.(that we know of, that don't work for governments)
A modern day Robin Hood, stealing from the

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A Scammer Thought He Was Scamming A 83-Year-Old Grandma But Ended Up Getting The Lesson Of A Lifetime

Deeveeaar is a Youtube channel of dedicated scambaiters focused mainly on exposing Indian scammers
North Korea: Operatives exploited Facebook, LinkedIn, other social media sites to get money and dodge sanctions

Hiding behind fake profiles a group linked to Pyongyang solicited technology work to send ha
Your Tesla is probably vulnerable to hackers, but there's an easy fix

Hackers can likely quickly and easily steal your Tesla Model S but this hightech heist
British Airways was hacked, and its customers are paying the price

To Fly To Serve To have your customers financial information stolen by unidentified hac
North Korean spy charged with hacking Sony

So it turns out that maybe Seth Rogen isnt the best person to look to on matters of cyb
DNC alerts FBI to phishing attack on its voter database

The Democratic National Committee called the FBI Tuesday after discovering what the DNC says was
FBI investigating cyber attack on CA Democratic congressional candidate's campaign

The FBI is investigating a cyberattack on the congressional campaign of David Min a Democratic c
Dozens of Vegas slots went offline simultaneously during a hacker convention

The casino is pretty certain it wasnt hacked160 The annual DEF CON hacking conv
Hacker convention in Vegas is full of tin-foil hats. Literally.

What if they really are out to get you160 If you spend enough time walking the Las
Hackers can seize practically all your online accounts, and it's your voicemail's fault

Who would have thought that in the end it would be the humble voicemail that would do us
Homeland Security is worried about elections, so it's asking hackers for help

Its 10 am at Caesars Palace hotel and casino in Las Vegas and the conference room is
The hackers just arrived, and they're already breaking Vegas

Its 107 degrees outside and a disturbing number of people charging down the sidewalk are
And now professional golf is being ransomed for bitcoin

Raise that single glovedhand to your mouth in shock The hackers have gone after golf
Link About It: How Lava Lamps Are Helping in the Fight Against Hackers

One timestamped relic is now helping a web security firm fend off the most skilled hackers lava lam
Yeah, this is bad: Russian hackers infiltrate U.S. power grid

No need to panic folks Just Russian hackers claiming hundreds of victims to infiltrate
'I've had Twitter sex with 12 Russian hackers,' nude model who sexted Guccifer 2.0 tells tabloids

A former nude model and Bond girl exchanged sexual messages via Twitter with the online per
Roblox responds to the hack that allowed a child’s avatar to be raped in its game

There8217s a special place in Hell for people who think it8217s funny to rape a 7yearold gir
Hackers who sabotaged the Olympic games return for more mischief

Olympic Destroyer gang may be planning new destructive hacks researchers say
John Kelly's phone was hacked

NEW REPORTING CONFIRMS what previous stories speculated chief of staff John Kellys phone was h

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