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We r all having different taboos in food.. My top 5 taboos in food are already in my blog on🖤(link in bio) Which are yours? #lookoftheday #loveofmylife #happiness #CK #blog #foodtaboo
A i petak je! 💛 #friday #weekend #enjoy #relax #happiness
Some words of wisdom to kick your Friday off 🙌🏼
#happyfriday #weekendvibes #stopwaiting #happiness #goals #liveinthemoment #stayingzen #wordsofwisdom #lifelessons #qotd
I count my life by smiles, and realize how many times @Tokopedia took part for my happiness, dan tau kah kalian kalau hari ini Tokopedia sedang merayakan HUT nya yang ke 9! Aku jd inget moment pertama kali aku memberanikan diri untuk mencob
Simple things that make me happy ❤️ #AGNEZMO #happiness #happinessissimple #AMCBOVERDOSE #super8mm
Feel inspired by the color of gold, inspired by the saris and offerings to the gods – a representation of happiness and worth, a colour that gives light to this new collection.
Savršen dan za ljenčarenje... #summer #reading #enjoy #relax #love #happiness
Total happiness - via @collagevintage. #FindersKeepersTheLabel #inspo
"We were inspired by the concept of Spring as it signified new beginnings, and happiness. So we went with an elegant yet bright & colourful palette." - from Bao Hui & Zen's wedding at @flutes_sg! 
📷: @laiyeowkuang 
Vikendi usred tjedna! 💕 #enjoy #relax #summer #sea #vacation #holiday #happiness
This look is everything ✔️ Shop the Happiness Mini Dress from @princesspollyboutique #MINKPINK
Inače ne volimo utorke, ali ovakvi su skroz ok... 💕 #tuesday #summer #enjoy #relax #sea #travel #holiday #vacation #happiness

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Weekly Happiness

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