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throwback to august during our heatwave 👀 found this in my old photo library and was surprised i never posted it. i think i was insecure about my eyebags or something. i looked just fine.
Everyone in #Australia, currently 🔥☀️🌡 Shout out to this #heatwave for keeping us humble.
Desperately missing the warm sun right now ☀️ shooting at 7am in Hampstead Heath will forever be one of my fondest memories of the heatwave that was summer this year ✨❤️ shot for @holidayromancestore with @danielgra
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London Heatwave.
Model: @pepita.alba
Photographer: @nizzah 
Pepita, what are the “little things” that make you happy?
"Taking a long bath after a hard day, finishing a book, baking a cake perfectly, a good hug, or a home
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back in New York 😛 get ice cream to fight the heatwave 😭
💐🌸🌺 #heatwave
'Tis the season #🍦 #zalandostyle 🔎 M3221C0LQ-G11 @mintandberry

#mintandberry #heatwave #icecreamseason #cuporcone #summerdress
Where we’d rather be in this sweltering heat ☀️💦 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Temperatures reached a high of 117 degrees The post Forty horses found dead near driedup w
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sunglasses top co jeans bag scarf similar sandals Ive always loved a s
Stark space photos show UK transforming from green to brown after heat waves

The usual verdant grasses surrounding Buckingham Palace and much of the British Open8217
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I interrupt what was going to be a stream of beauty and skincare posts I8217ve been testing aff
A man got his leg stuck in molten tarmac because the UK is basically melting

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Yes, there are minions drifting down a river

Nothing to see here just a couple of minions drifting down a river A stream of minions
9 of the most hilariously British reactions to the heat wave

In Britain complaining about the weather is almost as popular a pasttime as drinking tea
Days after a blistering heatwave, it's now snowing Down Under

Its been really bloody hot in Australia recently But now its snowing In summer Yes
People are busy frying eggs on cars 'cause it's hot as hell down here

As a kid attempting to fry an egg on the footpath was the goto experiment in hot we
Meanwhile, Australia's in the grip of an intense heatwave straight from hell

Yes Australia is a hot place But this weekend its really really hot Everywhere160

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