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Hiii jetlag 🙋🏼‍♀️🇺🇸
#Brussels ready for tonight... just need 12 more hours of sleep 🤪😂#jetlag
Jetlag is the excuse...
#jetlag #breakfast #travelling 
Is jetlag fo real?
시차적응 실화임?
时差.. 困死了..
#llamalocker #forcechief 
#forceisfemale #AF1sagelow
Pas trop difficile, ce changement d'heure ?
#heure #time #changement #hiver #jetlag #stylistfrance
hi, jetlag woke me up at 5.30am and i took this photo + @licheng_ling sent me this silk dress that’s now inseparable from my skin + monday the 1st video of @fakelakeband will be released + i’m looking for a room in amsterdam, bye
What an amazing week! 💕 just landed back home, I can’t wait to see the boys soon 🐶🐼 I can already feel the jetlag, so don’t mind me over the next week or two as I post more England and Paris pics w
Mood 2hours of sleep 😴 #jetlag
Hola, it’s Wine o’clock. 🍷 . #jetlag #spain #sunday

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160 De eerste week na Amerika weer in Nederland voelt toch een beetje gek Laat ik voorop stelle
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From staying up late drinking heavily popping melatonin sipping chamomile tea and morethere ar
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Jet lag is the pits but it is even worse when you travel east Michelle Girvan a physicist at the
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A new study uses a jet lag-hacking smartphone app to collect data from thousands of people around...

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