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“VEGAS-JetLag Problems” : A Short Film shot in @sephora studios ✈️📽 starring @summerfridays @theouai @marianna_hewitt  @jenatkinhair & @mrmikerosenthal
Hey hey back in LA! This is a little early for @chewy_cho but sorry baby, mamas got #jetlag & gotta work off all that 🍫🧀🍕from Switzerland! #beachworkout #santamonica
Tirao. #Jetlag
Jetlag means a day of Netflix and ice cream for me🍦🙊.
#wiltoncakes #animalcracker #bakerylife #buzzfeast #foodart #sweettooth #studiomuccisugarcrush
#icecream #icecreamcone #vanillaicecream #dessertporn #
Snoozin on the job cuz jetlag. Can u blame me? 💤💤💤 @diegobendezu
A lil jetlag never killed nobody , fun day at work 🙃
The sunglasses are so that no one knows I'm asleep. I need a giant Thai coffee asap ☕️#jetlag #bangkok
Jetlag can be a beautiful thing 🌅

One of the best jetlag perks? Being up at the crack of dawn and exploring a new city before everyone else wakes up! My early morning strolls through Basel made me completely fall head over heels in love with this place ☀️ #inlovew
The perfect jetlag pic👻

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