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Kodak Black is a free man.
“Welcome to your Kodak moment”
i have my phases of film i overindulge in and lately i’ve been lightweight obsessed with kodak gold. tones favor the warmer side, hence gold. anyone else a kodak gold fan? would love to see your shots on this film. #35mm #kodakgold200
@kodak gold 200 pushed 2 stops on a nikon L35AF. been using this P&S a lot lately. love the sharpness and accuracy over the Canon Autoboy. I plan to do a comparison soon.. maybe.. maybe not.
Exploring Palma’s ancient city walls shortly after sunrise ✨
#leicam6 #kodak #portra800 #35mm (dev & scan: @bayeux_ltd <3)
Need to get back to Palma, can’t get enough of these colours and textures…
#leicam6 #kodak #portra800 #35mm (dev & scan: @bayeux_ltd <3)
Palma’s blue skies and dusty colour palette can have me any day 💛🧡💙
#leicam6 #kodak #portra800 #35mm (dev & scan: @bayeux_ltd <3)
Textures and colours and shadow and light for days… ✨

#leicam6 #kodak #portra800 #35mm (dev & scan: @bayeux_ltd <3)
Chasing light in Palma last month. Not sure I could ever get tired of these streets ✨

#leicam6 #kodak #portra800 #35mm (dev & scan: @bayeux_ltd <3)
Morning ablutions by Pushkar Lake .
#35mm @kodak
When the five senses and the mind are stilled, when the reasoning intellect rests in silence, then begins the highest path.
The Katha Upanishad
#35mm @kodak
Sometimes the old ways are the best ways 🎞 Taken on Kodak Portra 400 120 with a Mamiya RB67 by @matthewtylerpriestley

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