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What are you scared of?
Let me help you, the judgement of others! Fix that shit as fast as possible, because then you can start living your life.
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“I made music in order to share ideas, meet people, travel around the world, earn a living, and have fun. Music isn't the most important thing to me. But believing that music is important isn't a mindset that leads me to compose good m
I’m dying to get people to get into this mindset. Respecting and understanding ones point of view is important but allowing someone’s opinion to dictate your life’s actions is a huge mistake.
Who’s with me.
My #Entitlement - Accountability manifesto.
My friends please watch this carousel and really get the meaning behind the ridiculous passion I have for this subject.
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Please dig deep into this #mindset,
The mindset that #separates so many in life.
The #perspective you deploy on life is outrageously important, I’m a stunningly shocked by people’s ability to think they “are keeping it real” when what they are doing
Throughout my career and from the very beginning I have always focused on maintaining an extremely healthy mindset with my diet and exercise. Over the years (like a lot of models in this industry) I have been put under a lot of pressure to
“I’m convinced that if we as a society don’t change our medieval mindset, no law can really solve this problem. We will have to be able to self-regulate,” says Milind Deora at the panel on #MeToo with Farhan Akhtar (@far
Back in NY. Need a healthy detox for my mindset now 😤🤬😭😅😂
Ever dreamed of living in the world of a blue chip art collector? Now you can. From Manuela and Iwan Wirth to Maja Hoffmann, notable collectors are bringing a curatorial mindset to the hotel industry. Learn more on #hoteldesi
Self-love is NOT selfish. This is nothing wrong with loving yourself and putting yourself first. There’s nothing wrong with prioritising your mental health, your mindset, the way you feel and YOUR body FIRST.  Love yourself - be proud

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