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We shot the cover for my debut @bluebiirdmusic album today. I am a real lady who believes in real film so we shot on a leica m6, a nikon f3, a mamiya 645, a rollieflex 2.8f,
and a graphflex super d. This album is a conglomerate of the peop
Photo by @amivitale. My heartfelt gratitude to everyone who entered the sweepstakes to support the elephant sanctuary @r.e.s.c.u.e. and a GIGANTIC thanks to @DaveMatthewsBand, Conservation International (@conservationorg), @Nikon @Rockbridg
Porque eu adoro essas escadas parisienses!
Paris 2018
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@kodak gold 200 pushed 2 stops on a nikon L35AF. been using this P&S a lot lately. love the sharpness and accuracy over the Canon Autoboy. I plan to do a comparison soon.. maybe.. maybe not.
Italian children’s manga is my new aesthetic 😂 these were taken while Will and I were rolling around Milan for a couple days and I COMPLETELY forgot I had taken this roll! No one can say my 100 dollar Nikon isn’t doing
lo specchio .
[I've been playing with a Nikon since I got one - an analogue F50 -  on my 21st birthday. Today nikon celebrates 101 years. Thank you for making my vision a world of possibilities]  #101yearsnikon for my #lospecchio_series
recently picked this Nikon L35AF up along with the Canon AF35ML for dirt cheap. going to be firing on these for a while until i figure out what my next rangefinder will be. anyone ever use these things? would love to see some of your sample
#nature #trigo #campagne #natureza #campo #arpuro #ruduit #france #nikon #sky #skyline
So much travel the last two weeks has left me in pieces... Sometimes I like a good Monday to start fresh and get back on track! #monday #freshstart #selfportrait #mirror #frame #braids #purplehair #nikon
#portrait #me #photographer #gypsysoul #tbt #picture #nikon
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📷By @alex_rosa_garcia_263
At the top....
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Nikon officially leaves Brazilian market

The division of Nikon in Brazil has officially ended its activities in this country After announci
Why you might want to shoot in black & white even when shooting RAW

Photographer Kevin Mullins is often asked why he chooses to shoot his camera in black 38 white
“R is for Resign” says one brutal take on the new Canon EOS R mirrorless camera

Boy that escalated quickly I mean that really got out of hand fast It8217s only been public
Nikon repairs may be invalidating your insurance and future warranty

So this is an interesting oneand not something I8217ve come across before But a British phot
Nikon’s new Z mount explained by a Nikon engineer

There8217s been quite a lot of discussion regarding Nikon8217s new Z mount ever since the pat
A message of thanks to Sony from a Nikon shooter for the mirrorless camera revolution

No matter what brand of camerayou shoot or which company you support Nikon8217s Z6 38 Z7 a
Nikon’s getting into the memory card game with Nikon branded XQD cards

This is a little strange and surprising Nikon appears to be making their own memory cards now Or
Nikon embraces a mirrorless future with Z series cameras and lenses

The largest trend in photography over the last five years or so not counting smartphones has been
The Nikon mirrorless 58mm f/0.95 Noct lens is coming in 2019

We didn8217t think the Nikon Nikkor Z 58mm f095 S Noct would be announced today with the new N
Nikon officially releases a super-lightweight and compact 500mm f/5.6 lens, priced at $3,600

While the eyes of the photographic community are all pointed at the new Nikon Z mirrorless system
Nikon's Z 6 and Z 7 mirrorless cameras are here to eat Sony's lunch

After resisting for years Nikons finally launching its own fullframe mirrorless cameras
Nikon re-registers legendary 'Nikonos' trademark

The NikonosV is an underwater film camera that many older SCUBA divers learned on and some
Nikon Z6 and Z7 specs and price leaked – Yes, they have 5-axis IBIS

It8217s not much of a surprise given that tomorrow8217s supposed to be the official announce
Yongnuo’s 50mm f/1.4 lens is now available for Nikon

Well we weren8217t sure that it was going to happen but Yongnuo has released their YN50mm f1
The latest Nikon mirrorless teaser shows first impressions of beta testers: good ergonomics, size and image quality

The longawaited Nikon mirrorless camera is going to be launched in just three days After four tea
Information about the new Nikon mirrorless cameras from somebody who’s used them

Nikon Rumors is reportingfeedback from somebody who8217s actually handled the new Nikon Z mirr
The fourth teaser for Nikon mirrorless hints at Noct-Nikon lenses

A week ahead of the official launch Nikon has published another teaser of its upcoming mirrorless
Sony’s mirrorless cameras are winning over the pro market, report says

Nobody can really deny Sony8217s popularity amongst the enthusiast 38 hobbyist market They
New information on the upcoming Nikon mirrorless: two camera and three lenses coming on 23 August, 58mm f/0.95 coming soon

As the launch date approaches new information of the upcoming Nikon mirrorless cameras keeps comin
This is how an insider describes the back of Nikon mirrorless camera body

In the latest teaser of the Nikon mirrorless we had a sneak peek at the camera body However the

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