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Kapian kamu pa nu Dios 🧡 Dios mamajes to all the lovely Ivatan people. I will not forget the beauty of Batanes and of all the people! I shall pray that your beautiful islands stay just the way they are. Simple, peaceful and beaut
A peaceful place of zero crime rate. Where the people are even more beautiful than the place itself. They are so warm and welcoming.  I love everything about you Batanes. Dios Mamajes to the Ivatan people for the very warm welcome. This won
Dressed for dinner @domainedeshautsdeloire in @christinealcalay ✨ Step inside this beautiful French château with me - shared photos from this peaceful place just two hours outside Paris in the Loire Valley on the blog {link in bio
“Gaza qualifies under every definition of genocide yet massacred protestors must always be identified as 'peaceful'. How do white settlers so successfully deform language that no matter how astounding their violence, it is always the c
Water has always captivated me. I remember as a kid just staring at the way it moved, the textures, reflections....I would get lost in a trance. It’s so peaceful, but yet so powerful. Whether it’s falling from the sky, falling fro
A peaceful moment in New Zealand ✨ (📷: @samdeuchrass)
Supporting the peaceful candlelight vigil in NY in honor of those who have been brutally persecuted in china since 1999 for their beliefs #falungong #free2meditate
Can't think of a better place for a peaceful morning jump session☀️🌊❤️
It’s so inspiring to see all Armenians united in peaceful protests making a difference. It’s a historic day for Armenia. ❤️🇦🇲💋 I used this image of me in Armenia because this woman touche
Photo by @mattiasklumofficial
A peaceful morning to remember in Torres del Paine National Park. This epic place has become one of my favorites in South America. Love the glacial lakes,  waterways and this national park’s rugged terrai
‪From @foster_furbabies: “Air-Biscuits, Peaceful Purrs, Silent Mews, Sleepy Eyes and Floofy Bellies” #catsofinstagram ‬

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160 A walk down the street Fragrances so sweet White cobblestones line the way Here is where I

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