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This interview and publication in @collectionissue just came out featuring personal images of our works over the years. If you’re interested you can read the conversation on our website ( link in profile ) here we are in this evolving
Let the shows begin. Something else very important is happening in New York today. The SPD awards judging session is taking place. SPD standing for Society of Publication Designers and not the lame German political party. Bringing back memo
The best ever publication day 📓🖤☁️
Bonjour, aujourd'hui on repost la publication de l'une de nos lectrices @sew_factory qui a réalisé ces magnifiques coussins coeurs ! N'hésitez pas à nous montrer vous aussi vos réalisations issues des magazines Mode
Perhaps the most valuable outcome of Friday’s publication of the photo of two white men - one in blackface and the other in a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood - on Va. Gov. Ralph Northam’s personal page in his 1984 medical school yearbo
This pic MIGHT contain product placement... OR Max MIGHT have seen the shiny gold cover of the EVE OF MAN paperback and decided to dribble all over it. Either is likely. Happy paperback publication day to my co-author @tomfletcher! And for
Amongst art in old school mediums and artisanal fashion, we take a look at the resurrection of zines in our January Analogue issue. The people’s publication that tackles obscure topics, are a little rough around the edges, and can read
A toutes nos futures mariées <3 Mettez-vous dans la peau d'une rédactrice, le temps d'un numéro, pour + d'informations contactez nous en mp ❤️ .
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There is no greater treat than finding a quiet corner and cosying up to your favourite publication, well selected art, considered design and a well made meal @the.slow
What is the best magazine/publication that you have read that we should add to our list?  What inspired you, encouraged you, equipped you, or challenged you?!
On this day 151 years ago, Harper’s Bazaar (then written as Harper’s Bazar) printed its first issue on November 2, 1867. It was the first publication to be dedicated to looking at the lives of women through the lens of fashion. Ta
IT’S OUT! I can’t believe it’s Publication Day for #thenewfashionrules - my messages have been blowing up all day with pictures from you guys reading your new books! Honestly I just want to cry with happiness. Thankyou from t

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