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Alina, from Russia, rocking in red! @alina___yakupova ❤️

A Alina, da Russia, arrasando em tons vermelhos! @alina___yakupova
On July 16, 1918, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, his wife, and five children were brutally executed and later buried in unmarked graves. The tragic story of the Romanov family’s murder was one of the seminal events of the 20th century: a
Who’s missing Russia and the @fifa.worldcup2018 today? ‘Eastern Bloc’ #issuethree 📷 @neilgavinphoto
Numéro Russia July-August  2018
Совет да любовь / May you be together 
photo: @emmieamerica
creative director & style: @klychkovanastya
Flying the 🔴 flag high at the #WorldCup. 
We're proud of all 12 #MUFC players who were involved in Russia this summer.
Sure, at Achtung, we love fashion but since the world cup in Russia ended yesterday, we want to pay tribute to our sister football fashion magazine Sepp (@seppmagazine). For its current issue, photographer Danil Golovkin (@danilgolovkin) po
Numéro Russia July-August  2018
Совет да любовь / May you be together
photo: @emmieamerica
creative director & style: @klychkovanastya
Emmanuel Macron pictured in emphatic celebration as France lift #WorldCup in Russia🇷🇺 👉🏻Follow us @ellehongkong 
#WorldCup2018 #ELLEStar #France #EmmanuelMacron
A heart-pounding journey in Russia comes to an end, but #Kia’s passion for football never ends. 
#UEL #EuropaLeague
Us after staying up for the #WorldCupFinal last night 😂 Congratulations France 🇫🇷 #AllezLesBlues 🙏🏻
#France #Croatia #Russia #Moscow #Football #Monday #Monalisa #Football #FIFA18 #

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President Trump Says Carter Page Documents Prove FBI Misled FISA Courts. Lawmakers Disagree

The investigation into former Trump aide Carter Page is causing controversy
That Soccer Ball Putin Gifted President Trump Is Getting a Security Check

The US Secret Service says thats standard for all gifts to the President
In the News 07.20.18 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

The post In the News 072018 Todays Articles of Interest from Around the Internets appeare
Surprise! Trump invites Putin to White House for another meeting, didn't tell intel chief

President Trump plans to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to Washington DC for yet anot
'I've had Twitter sex with 12 Russian hackers,' nude model who sexted Guccifer 2.0 tells tabloids

A former nude model and Bond girl exchanged sexual messages via Twitter with the online per
President Trump Says He Wants to Meet With Vladimir Putin Again

Amid criticism from Helsinki Trump says theres more to discuss with Russia
Things the Soviets Made

Welcome comrade to a special edition of Soviet 8220Show 38 Tell8221 where we
Trump saw evidence in 2017 Putin attacked U.S. elections

Donald Trumps flipflop routine around Russias information warfare campaign against the US i
The State Department Says Putin’s Allegations Against Americans Are ‘Absurd’

Putin wants to question several Americans including a former ambassador
How a Suspected Russian Agent Allegedly Used Guns, Sex and Billionaires to Peddle Influence

A woman charged with carrying out a yearslong conspiracy to work covertly in the United Stated as a
Russian indictments show that the US needs federal oversight of election security

President Trumps Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin on the heels of 12 Russian intelligence off
These hilarious Trump “I misspoke” memes speak for themselves

The man who once boasted he used the best words now claims he misspoke
Welp, here's a photo of a Putin impersonator riding a bronze bull covered in dildos

A shirtless Vladimir Putin impersonator riding a bronze bull covered in dildos sounds like
Facebook Data on Americans Used by Cambridge Analytica Was Accessed From Russia

The Facebook data set on tens of millions of Americans that was gathered for Cambridge Analytica
Trump blames his support of Russia on a double negative and no one's buying it

Read more playerdescriptionnullimagehttpsiamzmshcdncomzVt4
City of Yekaterinburg made a public green screen so everyone can make special effects movies

If you need a green screen for your projects you can DIY it But if the road takes you to Yekateri
Trump said he had 'full faith in our intelligence agencies' and then the lights went out

One day after Donald Trump sided with Vladimir Putin regarding Russian interference in the

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