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Up the rail or down the rail? No matter for @nyjah... he’d rather do both at the same time! 😵
Somewhere in Germany. Sleeping bag,  spare helmet, skateboard, solar panel and if you look closely, a rubber chicken strapped to the side just for luck. Prints and book available at (Link in Bio)
It’s like these spots were built for Joey’s two-wheeled combos.
🏃‍♂️: @joeybrezinski
🎥: @colinmkennedy 
#skateboarding #skateboard #givesyouwings @redbullskate
The action is just getting started from the @copenhagenopen! Check out some of the footage captured from Amsterdam ft. @philzwijsen, @marekzaprazny, @juancarlosaliste, @stavrosrazis, &  @ishodwair!
#CPHAMS #CPHOpen #CPHxAMSxBer #Skateboard
It’s going down this weekend (then up, then down, then back up again... That's how the game is played). Stoked to be a commentator at the Nitro World Games Skateboard Park & Vert competitions, streaming this Friday & Saturday at 11 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXIE! Wow. Max is 2. And he rode a skateboard when he was a puppy so it’s time he learned how to ride a bike. I got him the best custom bike ever! People may doubt that dogs can ride bikes but he will prove you all wron
Soccer tricks and backside flips, pro skateboarder @leticiabufoni can do it all. Watch as she pairs up with @moalifc for a creative training session on the beach.
🎥: @zeyumwang
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Women, of course, are not new to the sport of skateboarding—since the skateboard was invented in California sometime around the middle of the 20th century, women such as Patti McGee, Peggy Oki, Kim Cespedes, and Laura Thornhill have pl
As anyone who’s ever picked up a skateboard will tell you, the second you start riding, you’ll begin to see the world differently. Toronto-based skateboarder, photographer, and filmmaker @chilligansisland shares his lens in o
Probably the best feeling in the world.
🏃: @jacksonpilz
🎥: @chiggysskateboarding
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The skateboard emoji is finally here
(on Twitter desktop for now, but everywhere soon)
I had no influence on its location/category btw
I just left my skateboard on top of the ramp at this skatepark in Zurich. Finders keepers, reply with the hashtag I wrote if you get it.
UPDATE: found by @___jannick

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Cruise Around Town with the New RazorX Electric Cruiser Skateboard #MegaChristmas18

When I was a little girl I remember taking my older brothers long plastic skateboard and wheeling
Skateboarder impresses with bonkers trick: Watch

Australian skater Jackson Pilz is making the internet go wild with his latest skateboard tric
Become the millennial you love to hate with this electric skateboard (bonus: it's on sale!)

There are a few things that will always be cool Guitars solos Spray paint cans And abov
The Hover-1 Cruze is the only electric skateboard that doesn't terrify me

Im a decent skateboarder and electric skateboards terrify me160 Most electric skat
Forget wheels, this multi-terrain skateboard is built like a tank

Flux Design Co is reinventing skateboards by developing a tracked electric board desi
This tiny electric skateboard is perfect for getting you around town

The Kuickwheel SerpentC is an 18inch long remotecontrolled electric skateboard that
NBD, it's just a Bengali cat skateboarding down the street like a boss

This is Boomer No not Michael Phelps adorable baby Boomer but Boomer th
These 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' skateboards are pretty rad

Growing up in the town of Toyama Japan illustrator Kentaro Yoshida always drew character
Watch: Record-breaking rescue cat is way better at skateboarding than you

If youve been talking about learning how to skateboard but have been putting
Bro's dreams of cruising on dank glass skateboard get quickly shattered

The dudes of Braille Skateboarding are no strangers to skating atypical bo
Calgary's skaters are so stoked to get their ramps back, my dudes

At least one local skateboarder is feeling pretty good after the Calgary c

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