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Tucking in like a caterpillar, don't sleep with feet outside. ⚠️
🎥 @thejordindian​
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Sweet dreams, indeed. Embrace the power of 💤 and #anthrohome by sharing *your* sleep setup for a chance to win a bedroom makeover 📷 @knowingtracy (link in profile to shop and learn more about #TheDreamcatchers)
Repost of @zodieac wearing our NEW Suede Matte Lipstick in 'STFU' 💜 "Guys, don't sleep on these.. Not only are they cute but this formula is bomb!" 💋 || #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup
Pro tip: Straw hats double as great sleep masks. 😴 #summerbyjcrew
#aboutlastnight ..... I can’t believe I got all dolled up to go to sleep.😩 we was waiting on @majorgirl and the crew to get ready so we went back to the hotel... @kandi and I had a 5:45 am flight. the plan was to party for 2
Smart functions such as phone notifications, activity and sleep tracking, camera and music control are concealed under the skin of an analogue, battery-operated watch. #Skagensmartwatch eschews the two biggest features of modern tech—d
MORNING! ☀️ Is anybody else feeling super refreshed today?
No? OF COURSE NOT! It’s hotter than hell and nobody can sleep. I am DYING!
But otherwise.. everybody alright?
Legend says...
When you can’t sleep it’s because you are in someone else’s dreams.
When I find out who you are, I’m going to punch you right in your face 😂👊🏼 #mondayhumor #h
🦇 Don’t sleep on the Joker
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Literal Sunday goals. Get your sleep and self-care in today & click the link in our profile to join the #likeafitgirl challenge that starts TOMORROW 🎊🧜‍♀️
I’m posting one more video from tonight’s Don Was All-Star “Detroit Rocks” Revue at the 26th annual free diversity music festival, The Concert of Colors in midtown Detroit. And now I’ve got to go to sleep so I’
Make your sleep dreams come true! Meet Casper, the mattress company we ♥️ + sleep, home and wellness essentials to elevate your daily rituals at Sleep-In@Nordstrom! In select stores & online thru August 26 😴 #nordstromp

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