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On the train back up to Manchester for filming and sitting next to a very heavy handed typer... It’s up there with chewing gum open mouthed in my book... waaaaah! I’ve had to put my headphones on to block him out. 🙈Xx
Me when someone makes something out of nothing LOL... The king of unbothered always looking out for us !! #FirstBorn @rockohill ... We were in line for the train @aquariumhouston it was 2.2million degrees 😩😩
Back to the grind & it’s hot as hell on this train.
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Last week I told you about my upcoming Office Rail trip. I left CPH yesterday, and for the next two weeks will I travel to 8 countries by train, where I will visit 8 cities and have 8 business meetings. Follow my journ
Bout that train life. I also like to call this "Find The Wonky Pinkie" #WadeWorldTour2018 @dwyanewade
Let this train inspire you to live your best self. #💘#🍧#🎟 #confidence #confidentwomen #feministmemes #goodpussymemes same damn thing
It’s Friday the 13th. In honor of today, Regan and I have put together a short list of horror film recommendations for your viewing pleasure this weekend:

Verónica, The Ritual, The Babadook, Train to Busan, The Hive, The Belko

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Armando (@ceremony1981) is an artist and Libra who likes long walks and short trips. He enjoys going to restaurants, museums, and sleeping on the train. He hates writing about himself because it sounds like an online dating profile. Armando
Motivation Monday!! Shout out to all my Cherí Gang for kickin butt through the @cheri_fit 6 Week Summer Body Challenge!
Let’s finish these last two weeks strong!! 💪🏼😆 Let’s train together, fo
This delayed train reminds me of the NS back in Holland 😂 Any other book  recommendations for me to travel with?
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Who else likes to train legs on the weekend? 🙋🏻‍♀

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