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Who says text has to be static? Definitely not @dia_studio , a design agency specializing in kinetic typography and identity systems, which is really just a fancy way to say that they make the words we read jump off the page, immersing us i
Finland-based designer @parvati_pillai had her first tryst with #typography while working as head of #design for the Indian brand #Chumbak. But it was the Instagram initiative #36daysoftype that inspired her to interpret the #letterform in
It all started for her when she attended #typography classes at her alma mater NID, where her #professor “brought #letters to life”. “The #nerdy side of me loved the #history, rigour and #depth of type, and the #artsy side of
“My #interest stems from a #desire to tell #stories through #type. My approach is essentially an #intersection of #illustration and #typography,” says 26-year old #designer @shaivalini whose work is a mix of #graphic representatio
London-based #designer @geetikaalok’s first brush with #typography came when she was #studying for her master’s at the Royal College of #Art, London. “I found typography to be a powerful #medium that can bring a #message aliv
Always fond of #art, our May cover girl Sabeena Karnik (@sabeenu) loved creating things right from her school days and she subsequently moved to working in #calligraphy, #typography and #quilling. She admits, “I am not aware of anyone
The train ride from Colombo to Matara is a great way to experience the country's landscapes, people and colours. And the view inside is pretty great too - quaint pastel-coloured cabins, quirky typography, and cute company like this little o
Scream it on this Saturday! PERFECT 👏🏽 IS 👏🏽 BORING!

That TYpography: @dyonsdesign 
That Sign: @thinkingoutsidebox 
That Black Queen Mug: @sojomicreations 
That Coffee Pot Chug: @noelleprhod
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Holland comes to Marrakech #holland #typography
Do you agree with the #Sorento? 😄
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📷 Francis Miller for Life Magazine

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Hand-Lettered Katakana Days of the Week by Sho Shibuya

Back in 2015 the NYbased Japanese creative director Sho Shibuya began creating handlettered kata
Try this new font made from corporate logos

Creative studio Hello Velocitys Brand New Roman is the most corporate Corporate Font ever
feminine graphic design inspiration.

Lately I8217ve been loving the idea of feminine branding with curvy lines soothing colors cla
Web typography resource collection

Web Typography Resources is a list of apps tools plugins and other stuff that will help you
Watch this great intro to the ambigram, a typographical treat

Ambigrams are words or symbols styled so they still have meaning when viewed from another pers
All That I’ve Come to Understand

Typographic drawings about grief nostalgia and familial bonds The post All That I8217ve Co

Graphic Designer Creates Clever Typographies That Show “The True Meaning” Of Words

Mindaugas Dudenas is a freelance graphic designer from Lithuania known for his clean minimalist wor
Leather Monogram with Nailhead Trim

Monograms are so crazy popular that you can find them in all kinds of colors sizes fo
Don’t just copy the @font-face out of Google Fonts URLs

I dont think this is an epidemic or anything but Ive seen it done a few times and even advocated
IG design challenge | #logosarepun

Hello creatives Summer i
social media freebie | happy JUNE

Happy June Feel free to d
Stellar collection of 1980s tech company logos (also available as a slideshow!)

Available free on Archiveorg the 1985 Electronic Engineers Master Vol 2 contains page afte
Graffiti Artist Puts Artistic Spin on Word Riddles (17 Pics)

Pref is a Londonbased graffiti artist and graphic designer
Play with letters in this fantastic Segmented Type Playground

Marcin Wichary a wonderful designertypographerwriter who I had the pleasure of working
20+ Times People Found Some Truly Perfect Handwriting Examples That Were Too Good Not To Share (New Pics)

One of the biggest casualties of the digital age has been the fine skill of handwriting and the opp
It All Started With Emoji: Color Typography on the Web

Typography on the web is in single color characters are either black or red never black and re
Study: two spaces after a period makes reading easier

Amongst people who care deeply about typography and fonts which is in our typographic age p
Wakamai Fondue

Roel Nieskens released a tool that lets you upload a font file and see whats inside from how
‘Minimum’, Ink on Paper, 2015

A little penmanship fun by reddit user kyoflow16

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