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Would you believe this is Stockholm, Sweden? I honesty didn’t expect it to be this colorful during my hosted visit with @vikingcruises...
But I found myself, after the included port tour, wandering the Old Town known as Gamla Stan.
First stop on my tour of the Baltic, hosted by @vikingcruises, is the city of Stockholm. To say I was excited to visit this city is a vast understatement. My mother’s family is Scandinavian and she went to college in Sweden so I’v
Very excited to head back to Europe (how I’ve missed it!) for my third partnership with @vikingcruises. Usually my mum accompanies me on these journeys which have been river cruises the two times previous. This time, I’m experienc
I’m going stir crazy— these last few months are longest I’ve gone without leaving in years, and it is not healthy. 💺 #afarambassador #vikingcruises #thepilgrm #traveldeeper #passionpassport
Those “once in a lifetime” moments have become increasingly frequent. 🏤 #MyVikingStory #vikingcruises #afarambassador #traveldeeper #danuberiver #bavaria
Residential water marker, Regensburg. Strolling about onshore with @vikingcruises. #MyVikingStory #afarambassador #traveldeeper
Passau, Germany was a lovely place to end our #hosted ‘Danube Waltz’ cruise with @vikingcruises. It had some element of everything we had loved in each of our other stops. Yet it was also special for its own reasons. Because of he
On the very last day of our #hosted cruise with @vikingcruises, we woke up to this view of a part of Passau. It’s a city in Germany where three rivers meet: the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz (two of which you can see meeting in this phot
I saw none of Linz, Austria during the day while on my #hosted cruise with @vikingcruises. But it was a such a delight to return from Česky Krumlov with just enough time before the evening events on board our ship Skadi, to walk over t
The day I woke up in Linz, Austria on my #hosted river cruise with @vikingcruises, was a fun surprise! I tend toward liking to be caught off guard when I travel, doing less research than other photographers, letting the place inspire me & d
After stopping in Dürnstein with @vikingcruises, we got back on the Skadi & spent the bulk of the day slowly traversing the Wachau Valley. Having made some friends on board by this time, @paintthenight & I grabbed the bottle of @veuvec
Following Vienna, our next major stop with @vikingcruises was the city of Linz. On the way, we visited the charming village of Dürnstein in the Wachau Valley. The picturesque valley is known for its wine and this particular part of it

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