Discover the #votesaveamerica

Eye voted. What a shocker. Get your sweet asses to dem polls, kids! 
DON’T FORGET, you can get all of your last minute election info at! I legit used it this morning! It’s dummy-friendly, you guys!!!! #justvot
Y’all know what to do.
Each and every single vote matters. Let’s do this thing. #electionday
Well tonight was great. #TelethonForAmerica @whenweallvote
Need info to better understand your ballots? Head to and plug in your zip code to get started! They’re a fantastic, nonpartisan resource that’
OKAY TEAM! Soooo many folks are asking me how to make sense of the ballots in their area. THIS IS HOW!
#VoteSaveAmerica put together this awesome, easy to use guide to help you walk into the voting boot
Today is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay! Make sure to register to vote or update your address if you have moved recently — and you can also find candidates to volunteer for at

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