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Eager on the streets of Sóller...and so was this little guy
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Photo by @_wand_wand
Hello, world! Meet Yōji and Viktor (@_wand_wand), two white whippets and today’s #WeeklyFluff. “They’re extreme opposites, like plus and minus, yin and yang,” says Julia, a freelance graphic de
Video by @negrito.the.kitcat
Hello, world! We’re pleased to introduce you to Negrito (@negrito.the.kitcat), our #WeeklyFluff and a fearless explorer of frigid Swiss snowbanks. Take a page out of Negrito’s book and dive paws-first
I love my director chair 💕😝 #catsofinstagram #caturday #weeklyfluff
Photo by @leia.staffy
Hello, world! Today’s #WeeklyFluff is all about Leia (@leia.staffy), a 7-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier who lives in Sweden. “I would describe Leia as fearless, curious, happy, adventurous and extremel
Hello, world! It’s time for a very snuggly session of #WeeklyFluff, brought to you by Riley (left) and Killer (right) (@morileymoproblems). This dynamic duo of adopted doggies hails from sunny Los Angeles. “Riley follows Killer ar
Anonanimal : Andrew Bird 🎧 .
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Photo by @sukiicat
Hello, world! It’s time to meet today’s adventurous #WeeklyFluff. Suki (@sukiicat) is a beautiful Bengal cat who resides in Canada. This high-energy, fierce feline is amazingly adaptable, making herself at home
Photo by @cricketinthethicket
Hello, world! It’s time for a very special edition of #WeeklyFluff, starring 10-month-old Cricket (@cricketinthethicket). This sassy shiba inu resides in Alaska — which is exactly where he belongs, a
Video by @lucas_the_lop
Hello, world! It’s time for today’s #WeeklyFluff. Meet Lucas (@lucas_the_lop), an English lop rabbit who hails from New York. This tall and confident fellow can be a bit of a drama king, but as long as the

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